Masr Arab Party: The Syrian army destroyed American arrogance with its victories

Cairo,(ST)-Masr Arab Socialist Party condemned the continued presence of the American occupation forces inside the Syrian territories, stressing the legitimacy of resisting those forces.

The party said in a statement, that “the American presence on Syrian territories is illegal and has no basis in international law and norms .. Similarly to the presence of Turkish forces, they are occupation forces that must leave the Syrian lands immediately and return to their countries ”.

The party emphasized that what those forces are committing are war crimes against the Syrian state, for which the American administration and everyone who supports it and provides it with support must be held accountable.

The statement indicated that the Syrian Arab Army has destroyed the arrogance of America by its successive victories over the terrorist organizations that implement American-Zionist plans.

The party stated that America is trying in several ways to succeed in  its divisive scheme in Syria, and one of the tools it uses for this is the coercive economic measures, including the "Caesar Act", explaining that the Syrian state is able to thwart those American attempts, and history will only mention America as the occupier and Syria as the victor.

Haifaa Mafalani