PLO demands UN to halt Israeli violations of Palestinian refugees' rights

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has demanded that the UN  halt the Israeli occupation violations of the Palestinian refugees' rights and support the UNRWA budget.

WAFA News Agency said that the PLO  called on the UN Secretary General and the UN member states to immediately interfere and support the rights of the Palestinian refugees in the camps of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and in the host states.

The PLO also called for ensuring safety and health  measures for the Palestinian refugees, especially in light of the spread of the Corona virus pandemic and finding a fair solution for the just cause of the Palestinians according to the UN General Assembly resolution No.194.

The PLO also referred to the recurrent violations of the occupation authorities of the Palestinian refugees and the closure of the UNRWA offices and facilities in occupied Jerusalem, demanding that the UN   protect UNRWA facilities, especially in occupied Jerusalem and enabling UNRWA to perform its tasks according to UN relevant resolutions.

The PLO concluded by calling on the UN member states to intensify their efforts to implement UN resolutions, end Israeli occupation and establish the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.