Russian Deputy Secretary: Washington is ready to suffocate Europe if it serves its interests

Alexander Vinediktov, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, said that the United States is ready to suffocate European countries in order to serve its interests against the background of the novel Corona virus pandemic.

“The United States destruction of  vital agreements to European security, such as the missile treaty with Russia or the open aerospace agreement, aims at imposing its hegemony on the Europeans,” Ria Novosti news agency quoted Venediktov as saying. “The United States is doing what it can to prevent Europe from benefiting from the Russian cheap gas within the (Nord Stream 2) project.


The (Nord Stream 2) project includes building a 1224 km long gas pipeline to transport Russian gas to Germany, passing through the Baltic Sea, with the participation of several international companies, foremost of which is the Russian Oil Company (Gazprom).


Inas Abdulkareem