Nasrallah: Hezbollah’s capabilities are at the disposal of the Lebanese people & government

Beirut (ST): Secretary General of Hezbolla Party Sayyed Hasan Nasralah said that Hezbollah Party and all its capabilities are at the disposal of the Lebanese government and people, who were badly harmed as a result of the explosion at Beirut Port.

In a speech he made today, Nasrallah said that the external scene is positive and it ensures an opportunity for Lebanon to get out of the siege and hardships it is facing,  noting that the party looks positively at all who sympathize with Lebanon and at  every visit to Lebanon, especially if it aims to achieve reconciliation and dialogue.

Nasrallah  categorically denied what has been circulated by some media outlets and political powers from the very beginning of the disaster claiming that the explosion at Beirut port was an arms warehouse for Hezbollah.

He added that there is a national unanimous agreement on the necessity of conducting an impartial and transparent investigation into the disaster and for accounting the officials responsible for this disaster.

Nasrallah affirmed that the enemy would not be able to win its battle against the  resistance thanks to its credibility and the Lebanese people’s confidence in it.