Head of the Nasserite Party in Egypt: American crimes against Syria are a crime against humanity

The Head of the Arab Nasserite Party in Egypt Dr. Muhammad Abu El-Ela emphasized that the crimes committed by the United States against Syria are a crime against all humanity

He called for the withdrawal of the American and Turkish occupation forces from the Syrian lands.

“ Washington practices its crimes against Syria, the peoples and the free and sovereign states and seeks to impose its hegemony on all. And these interests coincided with the ambitions of the Turkish regime's president, Recep Erdogan, which made them partners in the crimes of the occupation of Syrian soil,”Abu Al-Ela said.

“Syria has been facing plans of evil, aggression and occupation for nearly 10 years, during which it has withstood and achieved legendary victories over all the tools of the Zionist- American conspiracy,” Abu Al-Ela added

Abu Al-Ela condemned the agreement between an American company and the militia (QSD) to steal Syrian oil

He said: “Washington is cooperating with terrorism with its fabrication and putting its hand in the hands of thieves.” 


O. al-Mohammad