Al-Qaradawi is a traitor

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Palestine has rejected supports for an Israeli plan to exchange lands with Palestinians.

Sheikh Raed Salah denounced Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the head of International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), for his fatwas (religious decree), and Qatari Emir for their support for Israeli land swap plan. “Al-Qaradawi is not Palestine’s representative; he does not have the right to issue fatwas about Palestinians; he issues fatwa on sanctioning Quds, but travels to Gaza under the support of the Zionists. He is like one who seeks the help of the enemy to damage his brother,” Salah emphasized.

“Neither Qatari Emir nor anyone else in the world would impose the land swap plan on us. They had better go and swap their own lands, and do not interfere with Palestinian lands, since these lands are Islamic waqf,” he added.

“I call for any Arab Muslim to come to pilgrimage to al-Aqsa mosque. God bestowed the Prophet with the Miraj while the mosque was under Roman influence, now, how would al-Qaradawi sanction  pilgrimage on al-Aqsa, but himself travels to Gaza under support of the Zionists,” Salah explained.

“If I were in Gaza, I would reject al-Qaradawi,” he added.

Source: Palestine  news