Occupation forces razes 10 properties in Jenin industrial zone

Occupation forces demolished on Thursday 10 commercial properties in the Bartaa industrial zone in Jenin, the local mayor said, according to FNA.

Mayor Ghassan Qabha said Israeli military bulldozers and vehicles began razing the properties at 6 am, under the pretext that  they are  not licensed. The installations demolished include a used car parts warehouse, a car servicing shop and an iron shop, Ma'an reported.

Eight demolition orders were also handed down, giving owners three days to remove their wares from the properties, Qabha said.

Qabha said Israel aimed to harm the economic sector in Bartaa, which is located near the wall. The mayor said the industrial zone used to be thriving, attracting traders from the West Bank and Palestinians.

Approximately 6,000 Palestinians in the Bartaa enclave have been severed by the wall from Jenin, the UN says.

Occupation forces  approves 296 west bank settler homes

Occupation forces has given the go-ahead to build nearly 300 homes in the settlement of Beit El near Ramallah, a spokesman said.

"The "Civil Administration"has given the green light for 296 housing units at Beit El, but this is only the first stage of a process before actual construction can begin," he said, speaking on behalf of a unit within the defense ministry which administers the West Bank, AFP reported.

He explained that the construction plans were part of a compensatory measure for settlers who were evicted last year from Ulpana, an unauthorized outpost on the outskirts of Beit El which was evacuated following a "High Cour"t ruling.

Direct peace talks broke down shortly after they were launched in September 2010 because of an intractable dispute over Israel's settlement building, which is widely accepted as a violation of international law.

The Palestinians say they will not return to negotiations unless Israel freezes construction on land they want for a future state.