Rouhani: Iran will not yield to American pressure

Tehran,(ST)- "The Islamic Republic of Iran will never surrender to the pressure of major world powers, especially the United States and despite the efforts of the United States, Iran has never been -and will never be- isolated, and its progress on the track of development will not stop." Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said during a meeting of the Iranian government today.

Rouhani said adding, " “Americans should know that despite their persistence on working against the interests of the Iranian people, they will never achieve their goals,” he continued.

The President stated, "The country’s economic record in the year 1398 shows that despite the pressure of sanctions and the problems caused by coronavirus, inflation rate has decreased and our economic growth without our oil has been positive."

Referring to the fifth anniversary of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Rouhani also called the illegal withdrawal of the US government from the deal as the result of the sinister efforts of the Zionists, reactionary leaders and extremists in the United States.

He said, "The proof of Iran’s peace-seeking approach and the loss of credibility of anti-Iranian propaganda, which has been going for many years, the destruction of the enemy’s platform created for undermining Iran's national security, and the cancellation of Security Council resolutions, along with the end of the Iranian arms embargo, are achievements of the JCPOA that have survived to this day, despite US efforts."

Regarding the fight against coronavirus, the President said, "We still need the people’s support and cooperation in the new round of the fight against coronavirus."

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to state, "With a collective effort, we can well overcome the second wave of coronavirus and reach a point of calm."

Haifaa Mafalani