Iran, Syria will not stop counter-terrorism ties: Iranian Government Spokesman

Iran's Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said Iran and Syria have always had special close ties that were strengthened more than ever in fighting terrorism.
His remark came during a press conference held today.
He responded to a question on the importance of the recently signed Iran-Syria military cooperation agreement by saying: "Iran-Syria ties have been strengthened due to counter-terrorism."
Rabiei highlighted Syria's cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He further explained that the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran  Major Gen. Mohammad Bagheri held talks with Syrian officials on economic issues, and the contribution and presence of Iranian Armed Forces' companies to reconstruct Syria as well as using Iran's technical and specialized capacities.  
"The main part of the trip was about signing security and military cooperation agreement.. We believe that the war on terrorism is not over yet", Rabie stressed.
"Without accelerating the military enforcement of the Resistance Front against Terrorists and, of course, together with accelerating national reconciliation in Syria, the consolidation of political gains will be less likely and terrorists will be able to return." Government Spokesman said
Ali Rabiei noted that Iran has also declared readiness to strengthen Syrian air defense via Iranian-made equipment
The Comprehensive Agreement on Military Cooperation between Iran and Syria was signed in Damascus recently by Iran's Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major Gen. Mohammad Bagheri and the Deputy Commander of the Syrian Armed Forces and the Syrian Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayyoub.
Basma Qaddour