Russian military experts: Parliamentary elections in Syria an important step to enhance the country’s stability

MOSCOW, (ST)- Sergey Timokhin, Head of the Union of Russian veteran soldiers who have served in Syria, has expressed his confidence that the forthcoming elections of the Syrian People’s Assembly, scheduled on July 19, will be successful and will contribute to enchaining stability in Syria, stability that has started to be attained thanks to the sacrifices offered by the Syrian people and army to preserve the independence and sovereignty of Syria.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow, Timokhin said the Syrians will choose their representatives from among the most national qualified citizens, stressing that the Syrian people who have defeated international terrorism and foiled the western and American schemes will be able to foil the economic terrorism being practiced by the United States through its “Caesar Act” and other coercive measures.

On her part, Russian doctor and writer Raicia Dodiyonova, a member of the Russian Veterans Union, said the elections are an important step to accomplish the missions that have accumulated during the war on terrorism.

 She pointed out that the Americans always interfere in the affairs of other countries while insisting on adhering to their independent national decisions, saying that the United States wages wars against these countries because wars, according to Washington, are a profitable trade.

Nikoly Kosovnin, a Russian military expert, said that the parliamentary elections in Syria have special importance during the current period as the Syrian people are gearing up to rebuilding their country and this of course needs a proper legislative environment to be created by the decisions of the People’s Assembly.

Anatoli Vinogradov, another Russian military expert, affirmed that the parliamentary elections in Syria have key political and economic dimensions following the Syrians’ victory over foreign-backed terrorists, pointing out that the elections will contribute to immunizing the internal situation in the country against the unfair economic measures imposed by the United States.

Hamda Mustafa