Deputy in the European Parliament: Erdogan supports terrorist organizations in Syria

Prague,(ST)-The Czech deputy in the European Parliament, Dr. Ivan David, affirmed that Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime was the one who instigated from the beginning the terrorist war targeting Syria, and it is the one that supports the dangerous terrorist organizations in it, including ISIS.

David, in a statement posted on his website, criticized the recent positions issued by the European Union's foreign policy and security coordinator, Josep Borrell, in Ankara about the Syrian displaced people, saying that Borrell ignores the facts and has deliberately forgotten that the Turkish regime is the one who caused the displacement of these people from their country due to its support of terrorist organizations in Idlib and others, including "ISIS", with weapons and ammunition, as the turkish regime was the one who instigated the war in Syria.

He pointed out that Borrell had been heavily criticized in the European Parliament after his return from Ankara and that some deputies described what they had done as a "betrayal" similar to what France and Britain had done against Czechoslovakia before World War II when they sacrificed it in order to satisfy German Nazism.

Haifaa Mafalani