Cuban political analyst: “Caesar’s Law” against Syria is similar to Helms Burton's law applied against Cuba

Havana,(ST)-The Cuban journalist and political analyst Lionel Nadal stressed that the US unilateral coercive economic measures against Syria, especially the so-called Caesar Law, target the Syrian economy after Washington's failure through the war in which it used its military power and tens of thousands of mercenary terrorists in Syria.

Nadal said in a statement that the aggressive scheme against Syria under the so-called Caesar Law was written and drafted by mercenaries and agents of the CIA, indicating that it resembles the "Helms Burton" law applied against Cuba.

Nadal noted Syria's steadfastness in facing the terrorist war it has been subjected to for years and its defense of its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, pointing to the ambitions of the invaders and colonists in the strategic location of Syria.

Nadal stressed that the foreign armed intervention represents the governmental facade of the real imperial authority, which builds its policy through making war, as is the case in America.

Haifaa Mafalani