Forthcoming parliamentary elections are proof that Syria is a democratic country, says Russian expert

Moscow, (ST) - The Russian military expert, Head of the Department of the CIS Institute, Vladimir Yvesev stressed that the forthcoming parliamentary elections are evidence that Syria is a democratic country that guarantees the citizen's right to freedom of opinion and the election of his representatives to the People's Assembly, which is a complementary message to Syria's victory against terrorism.

In an interview with a SANA correspondent in Moscow, Yvesev indicated that the Syrian state is able to guarantee the success of the legislative elections, especially with the stability of the situation in Syria in general as a result of the victories achieved by the Syrian army against terrorism.


He pointed out that many hostile countries are trying to block Syria's efforts to establish stability and seek to impose dictates on it, since Washington occupies parts of Syrian territories and supports Israeli acts in the occupied Syrian Golan. The hostile countries also impose coercive measures from time to time against Syria, the last of which is the so-called “Caesar Act” that increases the suffering of the Syrian people and prevents aid from reaching them, especially in the liberated areas of the terrorists who are still receiving various American aid, indicating that the Turkish regime also occupies parts of the Syrian territories and supports across the borders the terrorist organizations in Syria.

Yvesev considered that the urgent task today for Syria is to hold elections so that the steadfast Syrian people on their soil exercise their right to elect their representatives and to determine the future of their country.

Raghda Sawas