The test of the world’s first anti-corona vaccine successes at the Russian University of Sechinov

On July 12, the Rector of the Institute of Transformational Medicine and Biotechnology at the Moscow State University Vadim Tarasov announced the success of the world's first anti-coronavirus vaccine tests on volunteers at the Sechinov University.

“The first group of volunteers will be out next Wednesday and the second on July 20, after successful completion of the vaccine tests,” Sputnik quoted Tarasov as saying.

On July 10, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of the final phase of the clinical trials of the emerging coronavirus vaccine, which is being jointly conducted by the National Center for Research, Epidemiology and Microbiology.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commissioned expanding the scope of testing to detect cases of Covid 19 in Russia, while the Federal Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights and the Welfare of Citizens in Russia announced last week that more than 20.4 million tests had been conducted to detect HIV infection in the country.


O. al-Mohammad