The Cuban President: The coercive measures imposed on sovereign states are inhuman and must be lifted

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel has  said that unilateral coercive measures imposed on sovereign states due to their political positions are inhuman and should be lifted, especially in light of the Corona pandemic.

During  a speech to the virtual world summit of the International Labor Organization, Canel said that the American blockade of his country took an upward and criminal course in conjunction with the Corona pandemic, pointing out that Cuba faces the epidemic despite its suffering as a result of this blockade.

He added that the severe effects and difficult economic consequences faced by the world are not only the result of the Corona pandemic, but are also a cumulative result of ‘barbaric’ capitalist policies that brought the world to the current ‘dangerous’ global situation

He stressed the need for international cooperation and solidarity in the interest of all.


O. al-Mohammad