Arab political experts call for cooperation in confrontation of "Caesar Act"

Damascus (ST): Members of the International Association of  Political Experts and Analysts have called for enhancing cooperation among the states of the region to confront the adverse consequences of the so-called Caesar Act which targets the Syrian people and its friendly states in an attempt to impose capitulatory conditions on Syria and force it to abandon its principled stands.

During their meeting in Damascus, the participants said that the US and its Western allies have been working to undermine security and stability in the region to achieve their colonialist interests.


Members of the Association also affirmed that Syria would be able to confront external pressure and the unilateral coercive measures, referring to the crucial role played by mass media in confronting these aggressive measures.

The participants reviewed the repercussions of the ill-famed Act and means of confronting it at all levels.

The Association, based in Beirut, is an independent non-governmental organization that aims to follow up the Arab people's questions and confront the US policy of hegemony in the region.