U.S. expands its interference in Lebanon’s affairs after the failure of its terrorist scheme in Syria

BEIRUT, (ST)- Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, has affirmed that the US expands its interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs because of the failure of the Zionist-American scheme that has been supporting terrorism in the region, mainly in Syria. He noted that this open US meddling in the country’s affairs has been evident in the behavior of the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks during a televised speech in Beirut on Tuesday.

Ambassador Shea has incited the Lebanese against each other and interfered in the official appointments to positions related to the Central Bank of Lebanon, which is considered as a "colonial act", said Nasrallah, reiterating that the Lebanese people are the ones who decide the future of their government not the US Ambassador or State Department.

He pointed out that the decision by the Lebanese judge Mohammad Mazeh that bans media outlets from talking to Shea is a right move against the US interventionist policies.

 “Your murderous criminal state, that supports Israel, is responsible for shedding the blood of all who were killed in the July war…You are the ones who brought in takfiri terrorism and who continue to empower the Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians,” Sayyed Nasrallah made it clear.

He stressed that what is most dangerous is the plan to annex Palestinian lands from the West Bank to the Israeli occupation entity, reiterating that the Lebanese national resistance will be ready to do anything to support the Palestinians in the face of this disastrous plan.

Hizbollah Secretary General described the economic crisis which Lebanon is currently experiencing as the "most serious threat" a country could ever face, pointing out that the Americans, through their threats, sanctions and interventionist behavior, are blocking a solution to this crisis.

 “Your policy in Lebanon won’t weaken Hezbollah but will strengthen it and your blockade on Lebanon is futile, I advise you to abandon this policy,” Nasrallah said.

He called on the Lebanese government to do its best to solve the crisis, noting that the US threats should be an incentive for taking major steps that would lead Lebanon towards economic stability.

Nasrallah clarified that Hizbollah has made the decision to use all its capabilities in the service of the development of the agricultural and industrial sectors in order to help overcome the economic crisis.

“We have to unite efforts in agriculture and industry in order to revive these sectors which are one of the major factors of steadfastness,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding “as we won the war against takfiri terrorists we will also win the agricultural and industrial battle in order to save Lebanon and preserve its sovereignty.”

Hamda Mustafa