Military machinery of the Israeli occupation push into the besieged northern Gaza Strip

Ma'an news agency reported that three occupation vehicles penetrated eastern Gaza into the northern Gaza Strip and began razing lands in the area.

The occupation forces daily penetrate into the Palestinian lands on the outskirts of the besieged Gaza Strip and bulldoze them to deprive the farmers of their cultivation and benefit in light of the unjust siege imposed on them for years.

The occupation forces arrested five Palestinians in the West Bank

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces arrested five Palestinians today in separate areas of the West Bank.

Wafa news agency reported that the occupation forces stormed villages and towns in occupied Jerusalem, Hebron, Jenin and Qalqilya and raided and searched Palestinian homes and arrested five people.

The occupying forces continue their aggressive practices against the Palestinians by restricting and attacking them in their cities and villages and launching daily arrest campaigns with the aim of displacing them, seizing their lands and judaizing them.

Occupation demolishes a house and a commercial facility in Jerusalem

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a house and a commercial facility in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Wafa News Agency reported that the Israeli occupation forces stormed with a number of bulldozers, Ain Al-Loza neighborhood, Silwan, and started demolishing a Palestinian house. They also stormed Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood and demolished a commercial facility.

The occupation continues its crimes against the Palestinians by demolishing their homes and installations in occupied Jerusalem in violation of the Geneva Conventions and in flagrant violation of United Nations resolutions that confirm that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine and an integral part of the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967.

Haifaa Mafalani