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Iraqi forces eliminate an ISIS terrorist leader north of Baghdad

Baghdad, (ST) - Iraqi forces killed an ISIS leader and wounded another during a security operation north of the capital, Baghdad.

The Sumariah News website quoted Baghdad Operations Commander Lieutenant-General Qaisal-Muhammadawi as saying that, “as part of the ongoing security operations, the security units responsible for the northern Baghdad district of Tarmiyah, in cooperation with the Special Forces, and through a tight ambush to follow the cells of the ISIS terrorist organization, have killed the alleged suicide terrorist who was  wearing an explosive belt, while another terrorist was wounded.

Al-Muhammaddawi stressed the continued pursuit of the remnants of the ISIS terrorist organization to protect citizens and infrastructure in the country.

The Iraqi air force in the Iraqi army destroyed earlier today four dens of the terrorist organization ISIS and killed those in it in the Salahuddin province, in the center of the country.

Raghda Sawas