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An Egyptian politician condemns the American coercive measures imposed on Syria

The General Coordinator of the United Arab Popular Front in Egypt ,Alaa Abu Zaid condemned the unilateral American coercive measures imposed on Syria, especially the so-called (Caesar’s act ).

Abu Zaid said in a statement to SANA in Cairo "Washington imposed the terrorist war on Syria from 2011 until today, this war carried out by terrorist organizations acting on behalf of the Zionist alliance. When the agents fail, this alliance initiates its intervention to support these agents through many tools, including imposing penalties, the most recent of which was the so-called (Caesar’s act).

Abu Zaid pointed out that the United States practices bullying through its continuous policies that target every free person in the world, noting that it has no right to legislate laws that it imposes on other countries and peoples.

Abu Zaid called the free Arabs and the world to confront the unjust (Caesar’s act) and work to form an international alliance to confront the American and Zionist colonialism and arrogance, stressing at the same time that the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their army and leadership will fail the effects of (Caesar’s act).