Czech writer: Erdogan's support for terrorism puts peace in Europe at risk

Czech writer Lukash Luhutan warned that the practices of the Turkish regime in the region- which are manifested in supporting terrorism and threatening European countries of attacking them- endanger peace in Europe and make the issue of entrenching armed conflict between Turkey and a European country a matter of time only.

 “The President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports terrorist groups and militias in Libya and  provides them with weapons,  intends to threaten Greece and Armenia with a military invasion and occupies the economic zone of Cyprus,”  Hutan said in an interview with "Parliamentary Papers" website, adding that Erdogan’s growing rudeness came as the result of the support he received from the United States and the European Union leadership which is behaving as if it is ready to sacrifice Greece and Cyprus in exchange for Ankara joining its anti-Russian stance.

He considered that the current western position is similar to that adopted by the West towards Czechoslovakia in 1938 when it sacrificed it in order to satisfy the Nazi German regime, describing the European position towards Turkey as "subservient."