Zarif: Syrian people determine their future without foreign interference

Tehran (ST): Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif has reiterated that Syrian people are the only party responsible for determining their future without any foreign interference.

In a speech he made during the virtual meeting of the Euro-Dialogue, Zarif called for unifying efforts to facilitate the return of the displaced Syrians who left their country because of terrorism, noting that Astana Process is the right track for resolving the crisis in Syria.

Regarding the Iranian nuclear file, Zarif said that his country implemented all its commitments included in the Iranian nuclear deal as the US resorted to practice economic terrorism against the Iranians.

He added that five years after the nuclear deal, Iran has not obtained its economic interests included in the deal because of the obstacles placed by some parties and the non-commitment of the Europeans to their pledges.

He concluded that lowering the Iranian commitment to the nuclear deal came within the framework of the agreement and does not run contrary to it.