Iraqi forces arrest 11 ISIS terrorists in Salah al-Din

Baghdad,(ST)  - Iraqi forces arrested a cell for the terrorist organization "ISIS" in Salah Al-Din Governorate, in the center of the country.

The intelligence agency in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior said in a statement carried by the Alsumaria News website that "a force affiliated with the Popular Mobilization and the local police managed to arrest a terrorist cell belonging to the (ISIS) organization consisting of eleven terrorists, including two wanted women, in the Yathrib district of Salah al-Din Governorate, according to the provisions of Article 4 terrorism.

The Agency explained that the terrorist cell assassinated the commander of the second regiment, federal police and one of the provincial elders supporting the security forces in the district of Yathrib, pointing out that the terrorists had explicitly confessed to the crime and a number of terrorist operations against the security forces and citizens.

Yesterday, Iraqi security forces arrested five members of one family belonging to the terrorist organization "ISIS", west of the capital, Baghdad.

Raghda Sawas