Algeria recovers the remains of 24 Algerian resistance fighters against the French colonialism

ALGIERS, (ST)- Algeria on Friday, July 3, 2020, recovered the remains of 24 martyrs of the Algerian resistance-men who had fought against  French colonialism that had continued for more than 132 years during which the Algerian people experienced all forms of suffering because of the French occupation's crimes and acts of killing, torture, oppression and displacement.

An aircraft carrying the remains of the Algerian heroes- remains that had been held for more than a century and a half at the Natural History Museum of Paris, landed Friday in Houari Boumedienne international airport of Algiers, according to the Algeria Press Service.

The achievement comes amid Algeria's preparations to commemorate the 58 anniversary of Independence Day, the day in which the Algerians restored the sovereignty, freedom and dignity of their country.

Long and difficult negotiations were held between Algeria and France to restore the martyrs' remains in coincidence with Independence Day.  

Algeria had made an official request, to France, for the return of the remains, and the issue was discussed between the highest authorities of the two countries.

A technical commission composed of Algerian experts has been created for the identification of the remains of the Algerian resistance fighters.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said during a ceremony marking Algeria's Independence Day on Thursday, that the recovery of the remains of the 24 martyrs is a first step in the process of restoring the remains of the rest of the Algerian resistance fighters in order to be buried in the country which they had sacrificed their lives for.
In addition to the remains of the martyrs, Algeria also calls for restoring its archive from France.

The heroes of the popular resistance in Algeria offered great sacrifices during the period of the French occupation and the blood of more than a million and a half martyrs wa shed to win independence.

Hamda Mustafa