Czech Foreign Minister: New Cooperation Mechanism with Syria Opens the Horizons for Humanitarian and Development Projects

Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek  has affirmed that the modern mechanism which  his country has prepared for cooperation with Syria is achieving a faster and more flexible response to humanitarian and developmental needs   and provides  greater prospects for new projects within  this framework.

Petricek  pointed out that this mechanism was prepared through a combination between humanitarian and development aid, noting that the mechanism allows this aid to be flexible and respond quickly to needs in the most complex of situations.

In turn, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlined that according to the implementation of this new mechanism  a number of  Czech companies joined the humanitarian and development projects in Syria..

The Ministry  pointed  out that the implementation of such projects allows Czech businessmen to conduct a survey of export opportunities in the Syrian market and establish trade relations more easily with the Syrian partners.

Rawaa Ghanam