Slutsky: “Caesar Act” won’t prevent Syria from pressing ahead with its battle against terrorism

Moscow (ST): Chairman of the International Relations Committee at the Russian Duma Council Leonid Slutsky said that the US would not be able through the so-called Caesar Act to prevent Syria from pressing ahead with its battle against terrorism.

In a virtual press conference and in response to a question by SANA correspondent, Slutsky affirmed that the so-called Caesar Act is not objective and unjustifiable, noting that it would be discussed at international arenas.

He added that coercive measures should not be imposed on Syria. “Rather, we should offer humanitarian and economic help to Syria and support its people to eliminate terrorism and perform the political process, and this is what is being done by Russia at the request of the legitimate Syrian government.” Slutsky said, referring to the attempts being made by some states to hinder the political process and development in Syria.

He concluded stressing that Syrian people are the only party authorized to determine the future of Syria.