Iran and Russia to continue supporting Syria to defeat terrorism completely

Iran and Russia have emphasized the continuity of their support for Syria in fighting terrorism until defeating it completely, pointing out that there is no alternative to the political solution to resolve the ongoing crisis in Syria.
The Iranian and Russian President Hassan Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to support the Syrian people and their legitimate government.
"The US regime's illegitimate and inhumane actions will not undermine the friendly bonds of its allies," he asserted, adding that the US should realize that what it has not achieved through military pressure and resorting to terrorist groups cannot be reached via economic pressure by the punishment of the Syrian people.
On his part, the Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Russia will go ahead with supporting Syria in fighting terrorism until defeating it completely.
"The unilateral and coercive economic measures being imposed on Syria are illegitimate and breach the international law," Putin said.
The three guarantors of the Astana peace process (Iran, Turkey, and Russia) discussed the Syria peace process via video conference.
The final statement read that the guarantors of the Astana Peace Process will press ahead with exerting efforts to reach a political solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria. 
The guarantors reiterated the necessity of adherence to preserving Syria's unity and sovereignty, rejecting the attempts to create a new system in Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
Basma Qaddour