Iranian diplomat: So-called (Caesar Act) and American coercive measures against Syria completely incompatible with international laws

TEHRAN, (ST)- Iran’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU) and Belgium Ghulam Hussein Dahqani has stressed that  the so-called  Caesar Act) and the American coercive measures against Syria are completely incompatible with international laws and basic moral and humanitarian principles.

In a statement during the Brussels conference on Syria, Dahqani said that "imposing the blockade on Syria is tantamount to economic terrorism that will destroy the lives of many innocent people." He reiterated that "the only result of these unilateral measures is the aggravation of the suffering of the Syrian people."

 He affirmed the necessity of not using humanitarian aid as an excuse to obtain political concessions, pointing out that “the international community must at least provide the minimum necessary level of support for the reconstruction and return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland. He stressed that any success in the political process depends on respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and on the withdrawal of foreign forces which are present in Syria illegally.

On the allegations of the Saudi regime’s foreign minister regarding Syria, Dahqani said: “This minister, whose government is considered as the central bank of terrorism and the main sponsor of extremism in the region and abroad, has again resorted to distorting Iran’s role in Syria.

 “Iran has been at the forefront of the fight against Daesh and Takfiri terrorism in the region, Dahqani made it clear, stressing that the Saudi minister’s remarks are an attempt to escape the accusations his regime is facing due to its crimes in Syria.”

Hamda Mustafa