Palestinian PM calls on international community to put pressure on Israel to halt expansionist plans

 Occupied Jerusalem (ST): Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Eshtiyeh has reiterated that the Israeli occupation plans to annex Palestinian lands run contrary to the international law and represent a threat to the Palestinian existence and regional security.

In a statement quoted by the Palestinian News Agency WAFA, Eshtiyeh said that the occupation authorities have been systematically working for ending the possibility of establishing the independent Palestinian state on June 4th 1967 borderlines with Jerusalem as its capital through annexing parts of the West Bank, isolating the city of Jerusalem, tightening the siege on Gaza  and violating the basic rights of the Palestinians through arrests and house demolition.

He called on the international community to put pressure on the occupation authorities to halt their expansionist settlement plans, stressing that the Palestinians will confront Israeli illegitimate plans and foil them by all possible means.