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Czech MP: Erdogan’s regime’s aggression against Syria and Iraq continues to be a major concern

Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Czech Parliament Yirjie Kupza has condemned the continuous Turkish aggression on the lands of Syria and other countries in the region.

 “The Turkish regime repeatedly attacks Syria, Iraq, Libya and Cyprus and intends to enter into a war with Greece, and these practices are very worrying,” the Czech website ‘Parliamentary Papers’ quoted Kubza as saying on June 30.

He said that the support that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime provides to the Government of National Accord in Libya comes from the mutual support between the members of the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In turn, European Parliament Member Dr. Ivan David has called to hold Erdogan accountable for war crimes in Syria and Iraq, smuggling weapons to Libya, violating the airspace of Greece and violating the maritime rights of Cyprus, expressing the hope that holding him  accountable for these war crimes will not take long years.

O. al-Mohammad