Iranian President: US, today, is at the worst situation in its social and political history

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani believes that inauguration of development projects in his country is a strong response to the Unites States and Israel [Zionist entity].

He made the remarks through a video conference on inauguration of different infrastructure and development projects in southern Iranian province of Bushehr on Thursday.

"Despite the economic problems with which most of the world countries have faced due to the coronavirus pandemic since December 2019, Iranian people joined hands with the government to help overcome the difficulties," the president said at the opening ceremony.

He called on the people not to respond to foreign propaganda as they [the US and Israel] are not reputable because they have always tried to take anti-Iran measures in different era of history, according to IRNA.

Moreover, the president talked about the death of the black American citizen, George Floyd, at the hand of the US police, saying the US oppresses immigrants and those who make objection to the White House policies.

US, today, is at the worst situation in its social and political history, the president stressed.

It makes no difference whether the one killed in the US was Muslim, Christian, American or non-American, the major issue is that the US police committed a deliberate homicide, he said, adding that it is a strange story that tells us that humans are still far from civilization.

The Iranian president further expressed sympathy with the American people.

Censuring the US President Donald Trump for using Bible as political props, Rouhani said Iran condemns the crimes being committed by the US administration these days when dealing with demonstrators.

" The Bible invites people to peace and tranquility not to kill the innocent," said the president stressing that Iran respects all holy books.

Basma Qaddour