US police arrests more than Ten thousand people since eruption of protests

New York, (ST)- The American police has arrested more than ten thousand people during protests that broke out from more than a week ago over the killing of George Floyd, an African American citizen, at the hands of a police officer in the state of Minnesota.

The Associated Press reported that the US police arrested 2.7 thousand people in Los Angeles and about 1.5 thousand people in New York State, and hundreds of people were arrested in Dallas, Houston and Philadelphia.

Protests began in Minneapolis city in Minnesota state, after a footage showed Floyd struggling to breathe while a white policeman kneeling on his neck, despite Floyd’s pleas that he could not breathe, until he died and several police officers helped him carry out the crime.

After the expansion of protests, US President Donald Trump threatened to use unlimited military force to suppress them, while the American police killed ten people during the protests which erupted in about 140 American cities.

Haifaa Mafalani