Erdogan is a corrupt person who destroyed the whole of Turkey, says Turkish politician

Ankara, (ST) - Muharram Inga, the former candidate for the Turkish presidential elections in 2018, affirmed that the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a corrupt person who  has destroyed the country of Turkey in all fields.
"Even if we leave aside Erdogan's failures in foreign policy, which has created many difficulties and complicated problems for Turkey, we find that he turned the country into a totalitarian, dictatorial, fascist and brutal one after he took control of the army, intelligence and media. Erdogan even turned the judiciary into an instrument and he uses it against his opponents who are chasing him everywhere because he is a corrupt person and he no longer has any friends,as he betrayed his closest confidant”, Inga said in an interview with Fox Channel.

He said that Erdogan has destroyed all social, cultural, moral and religious values, he added that this system is corrupt by all means and is the enemy of the people in all its categories except for those who benefit from himHe has destroyed agriculture, industry and Livestock”. 
It is noteworthy that Inga was the opposition candidate in the presidential elections in June 2018, in which Erdogan won by 52.4 percent, as the opposition confirmed at the time that Erdogan rigged the results.


Raghda Sawas