The Toilers League in Lebanon Condemns Coercive Measures Imposed on Syria

The  Toilers League ( Rabitat al-Shaghila )  in Lebanon has denounced  the American coercive economic measures against Syria..

The Toilers  League  pointed out in a statement on Tuesday that the US  measures and  the so-called “Caesar  act ” are an attempt to undermine the steadfastness of Syria and obstruct the support of its allies to rebuild what has been  destroyed by the terrorist war.

The statement  stressed that “Syria, which has withstood and achieved victories with the support of its allies over the past nine years in confronting the fiercest terrorist war, the so-called  "Caesar act " will not be able to undermine its steadfastness  and determination or abort its victories. "


The League called on all   world, Arab and  Islamic     liberal and progressive forces and  movements , which oppose  Western American colonial domination,  to  adopt a unified stand  against the American aggression and work to exert various pressures on its countries to break  the criminal blockade imposed on Syria and provide support to the Syrian Arab people.


Rawaa Ghanam