Palestinian Foreign Ministry: Demolishing Palestinians’ homes by Israeli occupation is a war crime

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  has affirmed that demolishing the Palestinians’ houses and facilities by  Israeli occupation forces  is a war crime in accordance with international law.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has called   on the International Criminal Court to  investigate  into the crimes carried out against Palestinians  and hold the occupation authority accountable for  these  crimes. 

The Foreign Ministry made it clear in a statement reported  on Tuesday by  Wafa Agency that the Israeli  occupation continues its crimes against the Palestinians and  demolishes their installations and homes in  the occupied Jerusalem.


The statement   referred to  the demolishing  of three houses and six commercial establishments  on Tuesday in a flagrant  violation of the Geneva Conventions and the  United Nations resolutions which  confirm that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine .

The  Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlined  that the destruction  of Palestinian homes and facilities , expanding Israeli settlements, arbitrary and racist measures ,  displacement  by force , racist measures   and ethnic cleansing  fall within the framework of extension  the open occupation war in  the occupied Palestine and the Israeli occupation’s   continuous attempts to obscure the features of the Holy City, falsify its history and cancel the Palestinian presence.

The Foreign Ministry called on the international community to take urgent action and adopt  a firm stand to stop the occupation’s plans and conspiracies aiming  at eliminating  the Palestinian issue.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry also called on the  International Criminal Court to open   an official investigation into the crime of  demolishing  Palestinians’ houses in addition to   other crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people, its land, sanctities and property..


Rawaa Ghanam