Erdogan's regime authorities issue arrest warrants for 118 people

Ankara,(ST)-The authorities of the Turkish regime issued arrest warrants for 118 people, the majority of whom are from military and security forces, on the pretext of their links to Turkish preacher Fathallah Gulen, whom the regime accuses of being behind the attempted coup in 2016.

Reuters quoted the Istanbul Prosecutor's Office as saying that he had issued arrest warrants for 42 army and gendarmerie personnel, including 24 officers on active duty after testimonies against them given by persons previously arrested, and he also issued separate orders for the arrest of 76 members of the army and gendarmerie and civilians accused of communicating with members of the Gülen organization, including 74 Active duty personal.

The arrest warrants included members of the land, air and naval forces, as well as officers.

Since the coup attempt, Erdogan's regime has waged a severe crackdown on its opponents as tens of thousands of people have been arrested and sacked in various civil and military institutions in the country.

Haifaa Mafalani