Yemeni parties say that US, EU Sanctions on Syria aim to prevent it from going ahead with fighting terrorism

Several Yemeni parties have condemned the US and EU decisions to renew coercive and unilateral sanctions on Syria. 
Advisor of the Secretary General of  the Yemeni Karameh Party's Higher Political Council Abdul Malek al-Hajari said that the EU decision to renew sanctions on Syria proves the falseness of the EU slogans related to human rights and democracy . 
"We reject these sanctions and we stand by Syria in confronting the US-Zionist plot against the region," he said. 
On his part, Secretary General of Nasserate Tas'heh organization Sheikh Mosleh Ali Abo Shaer said that terrorism is made by both US and EU and the sanctions on Syria aim to support terrorist groups. 
Heads of Labour and Democratic people parties affirmed that EU is involved ib prolonging the suffering of Syrian people. 
They pointed out that the sanctions aim to prevent Syria from going ahead with fighting tertorism, but this will not happen 
Basma Qaddour