Protests close main roads in Lebanon

Protests were renewed in several areas in Lebanon in demand of improved living conditions and holding corrupt officials accountable. 
According to the Lebanese News Agency ( NNA), the protestors have closed  off the main road that links Akkar and Tripoli since last night. 
The road is still closed by sand walls, and the protestors have prevented cars, trucks and oil tankers from moving, causing traffic jam. 
In Zahleh area, the protrstors  have closed the main road between Saed Nayel and Thalabaya. 
The city of Beirut also witnessed protest in Riyad al-Selh square. 
Mass rallies broke out in Lebanon in October 2019, after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across the country to protest rampant corruption and an ailing economy.
Basma Qaddour