Iranian Foreign Ministry: The American administration is killing its people yet rants in defense of freedom

Tehran,(ST)-The Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed that what is happening in the United States has proven the falsehood of American allegations about freedom and human rights, noting that President Donald Trump is running a government based on racial discrimination.

The Ministry’s spokesman, Abbas Moussaoui, said during a press conference today that the American administration follows violence and bullying inside and outside the United States at the same time and we regret the scenes of violence that the American police are carrying out these days in front of the eyes of the people of the world as they relentlessly and violently repress their citizens at large who demand respect and an end to violence peacefully. He called on the American government and police to stop violence against their people.

Mousavi stressed that the American administration, which is ranting in defense of human rights and freedom, is killing its people.

Mousavi pointed out that President Trump has failed to manage his country and control the Corona virus and run a government based on racial discrimination. It is natural for the people to feel despair and so demonstrate, just as it is natural for Trump to fail and make random accusations against other countries, stressing that Iran rejects the charge of interfering in American Home Affairs.

Haifaa Mafalani