Spanish academic: renewing coercive measures against Syria is an inhumane act

Professor and researcher at the Spanish State University of Madrid Pablo Sabbagh has condemned the European Union's renewal of its unilateral coercive measures against Syria, considering this decision is ‘an irresponsible and inhumane act.’

Sabbagh has stated that imposing these measures ignores international law, especially in light of the calls made to stop these measures with the spread of the Corona virus in addition to being an inhumane act because it violates the rights of the Syrian people and works to undermine their ability to obtain food, medicine, and medical devices .

He pointed out that the European Union’s decision is evidence of its lack of independence and its inability to take a different policy from the American one, as it reveals the true face of this Union, which says something and does the opposite.

He added that the European Union’s countries talk about the establishment of a more just world and protection for the peoples while in reality these sanctions are colonial measures and violations of human rights.

O. al-Mohammad