Sudanese Foreign Ministry summons the Ethiopian Chargé d'Affairs to protest against the armed attacks backed by Ethiopian forces on Sudanese lands

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Chargé d'Affaires of Ethiopia to protest against the incursion of Ethiopian militias backed by the Ethiopian army who launched their attacks, killing and wounding a number of officers and members of the armed forces and Sudanese citizens, including children.  

  The Sudanese News Agency stated that the Neighboring countries department  in the Sudanese foreign Ministry conveyed to the Ethiopian Chargé d'Affaires the condemnation and rejection of the Sudanese government for this sinful attack that comes at a time when preparations were taking place in Khartoum to hold the second meeting of the high-level joint committee headed by the Sudanese prime Minister and on the Ethiopian side  Deputy Prime Minister. The meeting  is to discuss border issues .

The administration warned that the sustainability and development of cooperation between the two countries must be based on mutual respect for the sovereignty, independence and borders of each of them and the right of their peoples to live in safety and peace and to use their natural and economic resources without incursion or aggression from any country on the other.

The Sudanese Armed Forces announced the death of an officer and injury of a number of Sudanese soldiers and civilians last Thursday following attacks by armed groups backed by Ethiopian forces on some agricultural projects in the Barkat Norit area and the village of Al-Forsan.

Sanaa Hasan