Divert weapons funding to research - to prevent next pandemic, pope says

Vatican, (ST) The Pope of the Vatican, Pope Francis, has called on governments around the world to direct money spent on weapons to research areas, to prevent other pandemics such as corona.

He also called on them to "direct the huge sums spent on possession of more weapons and making them stronger in favor of conducting sufficient research in order to prevent such disasters in the future."

Pope Francis, headed a mass yesterday that included the largest gathering in the Vatican for nearly three months, called on leaders to take a strong position to provide assistance to the most needy and to develop long-term economic and social solutions

Doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers participated in the mass, as well as a number of those who had recovered from the Corona virus or who had lost one of their relatives.

The pandemic has claimed more than 33,000 lives in Italy

Raghda Sawas