Lebanese parties and national forces call for lifting Western coercive measures on Syria

The Lebanese national parties and forces in Tripoli renewed their call to lift unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria, especially in light of the Corona pandemic that threatens the whole world.

In a statement today after meeting at the headquarters of the Syrian Social  Nationalist Party in Tripoli, the Lebanese national parties condemned the continuation of Western pressure on Syria, stressing that it would fail to undermine its will as all other projects and conspiracies had failed.


The  former Lebanese Minister Hassan Murad, in a statement today, renewed his call for coordination with the Syrian government which in turn would serve the interests of Lebanon. He said: “We confirm that Syria is the gateway to Lebanon to the Arab depth and the Lebanese government should initiate coordination with it because that serves the interest of Lebanon and its people and contributes to revitalizing the economy industrially, agriculturally and commercially”.

Inas Abdulkareem