Protests in Rome and Milan to demand the return of the Italian currency instead of the Euro

On May 30, the Italian cities of Rome and Milan witnessed demonstrations against the policies of the Giuseppe Conte government.

Protesters  denounced  the bad economic conditions and the spread of unemployment in the country due to the measures taken to contain the Corona pandemic and demanded the return to  the local Italian currency instead of the Euro.

According to Agence France-Presse, demonstrators gathered in downtown Rome, condemning the policy of the Italian government, and while other demonstrators lay down  in front of police cars.


Local media reported that a similar demonstration took place in central Milan, during which demonstrators gathered in the famous cathedral square demanding the return and use of  the Italian lira instead of the European currency, the Euro.

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala denounced the demonstration, which he described as “irresponsible” and asked the police to bring its organizers to justice.

The Lombardy region  was the  worst affected by the Corona epidemic, with more than 16,000 deaths out of 33,000 deaths across Italy.


O. al-Mohammad