Russian politicians and researchers: EU decision to extend coercive measures on Syria is a genocide attempt against the Syrians

MOSCOW, (ST)- Former member of the Russian state Duma, Head of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with Syria and Libya Sergei Baborin has affirmed that the European Union's decision to renew the coercive measures imposed on Syria proves the maximum level of hypocrisy of the European officials and indicates their subordination to the United States.

By imposing coercive measures on Syria, the western officials not  only contribute to starving the Syrian people and hindering reconstruction in Syria, but also to making worse  the suffering of the Syrians  through undermining the work of the Syrian health and medical institutions, Baborin said in a statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow.

"The EU's decision can only be described as a genocide attempt against all the Syrian people," he stressed.

Baborin pointed out that Russia condemns the racist policy of the European Union. He expressed hope that the European people and their progressive forces will succeed in curbing the policy of imposing sanctions and in working to lift the coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people.

 On his part, Boris Dolgov, a senior research fellow at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, the Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian Academy for Sciences, asserted that the EU decision proves that its claims of being a democracy advocate are nothing but political deception.

The European decision comes as a result of political dictates from the United States, Dolgov said, clarifying that the EU follows Washington's steps and it is nothing but a tool in the hands of  the U.S. to increase pressure on Syria.  

Hamda Mustafa