Czech MP: EU failed to curb Erdogan's aggressive policies

PRAGUE, (ST)- Member of the Czech Parliament Karla Marikova has stressed that the European Union has failed to curb the aggressive policies of the Turkish regime, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even against EU member states.

In a statement to the Czech "Parliamentary Papers" website, Marikova said that Greece, an EU member, is repeatedly being exposed to attacks by the Turkish regime and instead of protecting and assisting Athens, the EU has supported the Turkish regime and failed to face the new Turkish threats and challenges against the country.

 Maintaining the illegal presence of US and Turkish forces in Syria impedes reaching a political solution

 On his part, the Czech analyst "Vatislav Omlov" affirmed that Erdogan's regime continues to support its terrorist tools in Syria's Idleb in order to implement its schemes in Syria with support from the West and the Israeli entity,.

In a statement on Saturday, the Czech analyst said that the aggressive practices of the US occupation forces in the north of Syria are similar to those of the Turkish occupation forces. He reiterated that maintaining the illegal presence of these occupying forces impedes reaching a political solution to the crisis in Syria and encourages the terrorists to commit more crimes and acts of vandalism to further destabilize the country.

 Hamda Mustafa