US: Protests against racist crime extend as Trump threatens protesters

Ohio (ST): The protests  for the killing  of a US citizen of African origin extended to several US cities including Ohio as US President Donald Trump threatened to open fire at protesters.
US mass media said that crowds of protesters gathered in Columbus trying to break into the headquarters of the local government shouting slogans that denounce the racist crime of killing George Floyd and demanding  an immediate fair investigation into the crime.
Police forces took strict measures in an attempt to disperse the protesters.
A bystander’s video that  showed an officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd and tormenting him until his death  has aroused wide scale anger in the US and reminded the world of the racist measures that have been taken against the US citizens of African origin since the past century.
Meanwhile, US president Donald Trump described the protesters as bullies and threatened to open fire against them according to the British  newspaper "The Independent" .
A number of protesters in the city of Minneapolis  said that their aim was to put the officer who committed this heinous crime to trial.