West uses the Corona epidemic to punish countries opposed to its policies, says Lavrov

Moscow, (ST) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that some Western countries use the Corona virus epidemic as a tool to punish some countries and governments opposed to their policies.
"Not everyone was ready for this kind of epidemic and after a temporary joint cooperation to confront this threat to humankind, the Western predatory methods returned against all those who opposed their policy or goals," Lavrov said in an article in the Chinese Global Times.

Lavrov criticized the "humiliating" Western policies against anyone trying to cooperate with Russia and asking for medical assistance from it to combat the Corona virus despite the serious health situation. He said that "European solidarity turned out to be a notorious model, as the life and health of tens of thousands of ordinary citizens are not important to them".

Lavrov added that European countries claiming respect for human rights, on the other hand, reject the cooperation of governments and other countries with Russia and try to prevent them by applying unilateral economic restrictions to everyone who opposes their policies.

Lavrov stressed that Western countries are trying to take advantage of the current situation to promote "narrow selfish" interests and settle accounts with competitors and opponents.

Raghda Sawas