Iran calls for lifting the illegal coercive measures imposed on Syria

TEHRAN, (ST) - Iran’s Senior Assistant to the Foreign Minister for Special Political Affairs Ali-Asghar Khaji called for lifting unilateral and inhumane sanctions against the Syrian people, stressing at the same time the need to continue combating terrorism in Syria until security and stability return to all its territories.


In a phone conversation, Khaji and UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir O. Pedersen reviewed the latest developments in the political, battlefield, and humanitarian fields.



They also discussed Syria's problems and holding the next round of constitution committee meeting.


Both sides underlined the importance of rendering humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, especially in light of the spread of the Corona virus pandemic, helping refugees return and continuing the political process for solving the Syrian issue peacefully.


Khaji referred to illegal and inhumane sanctions against the Syrian people and called for lifting these sanctions.


Raghda Sawas