Soukarieh: Syria is the real and reliable supporter of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine

Beirut,(ST)-A member of  Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, Lebanese MP Al-Walid Soukarieh, affirmed that Syria is the real and true guarantor of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.
Soukarieh said in a statement on the occasion of the Resistance and Liberation Day that the conflict with the Israeli enemy and Western colonialism led by the United States is very long, stressing the rejection of every attempt to normalize with the Israeli enemy because it will come at the expense of Lebanon's national interests  and the Palestinian issue.
For his part, member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Hussein Geshi renewed his commitment to the resistance option to confront the Israeli aggression against Lebanon and the countries of the region. He said: “Today we are more committed  more than ever to the choice of the resistance that liberated the land and deterred the enemy from thinking of committing any folly by attacking Lebanon again.”
Geshi called for not betting on the American presence in the region because the American administration today reaps disappointment and loss due to its wrong and failed policies there.
The League of Workers in Lebanon, affirmed in a statement on the occasion of the Feast of Resistance and Liberation that the US-Zionist-Turkish terrorist war failed to undermine the unity, cohesion, and strength of the axis of resistance.
The League said that the victories achieved by Syria in this war constituted a strategic defeat for the entity of the Zionist enemy and a great victory for the resistance front and the forces of liberation in the region, explaining that preserving the victory of the resistance and protecting Lebanon from Zionist ambitions and aggressions and completing the liberation of the rest of the occupied Lebanese land requires Unity of opinion more than any time.
 Haifaa Mafalani